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Charting the Safer Course

Comprehensive fleet, quality, vetting and crew management
for marine operators, chartering and vetting organisations

Manage your business operations with confidence

Your complete end-to-end solution for fleet and vetting management, measuring quality, delivering day to day workflow efficiencies, reducing risk, boosting productivity and driving excellence

  • Comprehensive, Integrated End-to-End Solution

    Unified management of all aspects of fleet, vetting, crew management and risk measurement delivering enterprise wide benefits.

  • High ROI, Low TCO

    Reduction in costs with improved fleet utilisation delivers a rapid return with no capital investment and payback periods typically measured in months rather than years.

  • Proven Quality Improvements and Risk Reductions

    Powerful, accurate risk measurement and comparatives identifies recurring root causes and non conformities leading to rapid quality improvements and risk reduction. Clients typically report risk reductions of over 25% within a year.

  • Higher Fleet Utilisation

    Demonstrable quality improvements and risk reduction means higher fleet utilisation with fewer rejections leading to higher revenues and improved cashflow.

  • Significant Workflow Efficiency Improvements

    Integrated workflow process and task management delivers significant efficiencies and savings in resources and costs generating productivity improvements with more consistent operational performance across teams and individuals.

  • Faster, Easier Management Reporting and Analysis

    Simple, easy reporting and powerful business intelligence delivers clear management insights for internal and external reviews and audits.

  • Easy to Use

    Oceanfile is easy to use and requires little training or familiarisation. Extensive manuals and documentation cover the needs of all levels from occasional to power users. Unlike other enterprise solutions, Oceanfile does not require any specialised IT resources. Our fast and effective support is well regarded and free of charge.