Our use of Oceanfile to manage all aspects of vetting - responding to observations for example - has delivered a consistency that ensures that we apply corrective and preventative actions that eradicate shortcomings.
The Oceanfile Officer Matrix Manager alone, is saving us a huge amount of time.
Each new upgrade provides more valuable new tools that continue to assist our drive for excellence and zero incidents.

Captain George Bogris
QA Manager
TMS Tankers

This web based solution has truly given us the facility to track and statistically analyze our SIRE and internal inspections based on the VIQ 6. This has greatly enhanced our ability to focus improvements in our training and procedures leading to improved inspection results. Added to this we now have the Navigation inspection template which is a great addition to the ongoing enhancements and will prove its worth with improved inspection results. With the recent addition of the mobile editor you can now carry out your inspections using a tablet device and then upload your completed report to the web based solution. This is a huge time saver and of great value to any inspector. This web based product is really becoming something special.

Captain Robert G. Grey
Marine Superintendent
KGJ OBO & Tankers Fleet Management AS

We have been using the Oceanfile for almost two years.
Oceanfile is a very useful tool in order to have time effective SIRE fleet data analysis, which enables us to examine the fleet or each vessel’s performance under all inspections or under specific VIQ chapter. Its results are doubtless, since it imports the Official SIRE reports, without any manual entry, so the data is always updated and accurate. Except of the benchmarking and analysis, it is a useful tool for saving data as regards to the inspectors, inspection costs, vetting status including the period we require to analyze.
Last but not least worthy to mention, is the always prompt and willing support team, which provides us with any required extra module, proving the continuous development of the program.
Concluding, the Oceanfile should be a useful tool for all companies, whose goal is continuous and effective data analysis.

Anastasios C. Kartsimadakis
Vetting Officer
Tsakos Columbia Shipmanagement (TCM) S.A.